Why people get divorced

Some may argue that the changing attitudes in social thinking have altered to such a level that it is now quite acceptable to get divorced and not be affected by the stigma of doing so, unlike generations ago when divorce was frowned upon much more.

 Divorce is ‘classless’ and affects all people from all walks of life; rich and poor, different races and religions.

Some reasons why people get divorced

  • Getting married too young: Sometimes couples feel they have not experienced life and have been held trapped by marriage and family age by getting married at an early age. They may feel they have been denied their youth.
  • Growing apart: If we stop to consider our own lives for a moment – our thoughts, feelings and emotions may be very different to what they were 10 or even 5 years ago. Some couples feel they no longer have anything in common with their partner
  • Not being understood
  • Unable to be friends or communicate with each other
  • Different wants and needs
  • Unfaithfulness
  • Unhappiness in the marriage
  • Abuse – can be physical or emotional or indeed both. There is less tolerance for violent partners in a relationship these days and there are many organisations and agencies willing to help people escape from violent relationships.
  • Critical partner
  • No love or affection

The list is so varied and non-exhaustive but what we can say is that usually the husband or the wife (or both) go through a period of unhappiness that can range from a few months to years, before one of them decides to end their marriage. Some couples can come to amicable arrangements over how and why they should divorce and how they will share their assets whilst other couples end up in a bitter war involving solicitors and court.

People get married for various reasons too. They want to spend their lives together and show their commitment to each other, family pressures, they want to be married before they have children, security, or finances. Whatever the reason, couples enter marriage with the intention of spending the rest of their lives with their partner.

The daily struggles of life, finances, children, seeing the other side of someone that you spend each and every day with as well as, work, family and friends, can all have an impact on marriage.