Alternative to court

Divorcing couples do not necessarily have to become embroiled in the court process. The more amicable and communicative the couples can be the easier, faster, cheaper and less impactive their divorce will be. Couples who can agree on getting divorced and can come to their own agreement over finances and other property and assets can use one of many online companies who specialise in quick divorces, otherwise known as uncontested divorces. Some companies provide the paperwork and submit the divorce application to your local court on your behalf.

Whichever method couples choose to take to divorce they cannot divorce without the approval and ratification of the court. However if couples agree on these areas there is no reason why a couple cannot divorce for as little as £400 to £800 (conservative and rough estimates only) as opposed to a fully contested divorce which could mean several court hearings and expensive legal fees and costing anywhere between £4000- £16,000 (again rough estimates only).


This is an option preferred by the courts to help couples reach a decision about finances and assets and child care arrangements. If couples agree themselves with the help of a mediator who is trained to sign post couples to a fair settlement then this will avoid the need for a court hearing and a judge to decide the case for them. Also, the more couples agree between themselves the less need for solicitors and other legal costs to accrue out of control.

one of the parties will have considered whether they feel the relationship could be saved. Some may speak to a counsellor, others to family members and even each other about their future together.

It is also important to note that not all divorces end up in a mess. There are many cases where couples can behave rationally and be respectful to each other and have their children’s best interests at the forefront of their decision making processes. They can avoid hefty solicitor’s bills and court costs and can avoid much of the emotional turmoil associated with divorce.