Birth to 1 year

Early attachment theorists for many years have talked and written about the importance of a secure attachment and the impact a non secure attachment for a child may have on behaviours in later life. A secure attachment is reached where the parent is available to meet all the child’s needs, which includes being emotionally available.

 If as an adult we are consumed with a break up of a relationship or holding anger towards the other parent this can prevent you from being readily available for your child. On the opposite side a baby will benefit from having structured regular contact with the absent parent and this will be the start of the bonding process which will support later relationships and a child’s healthy development.

There is also a large amount of research that states that if a child is stimulated and secure in its early years this promotes brain development and increases academic capability. A child’s early attachment is very closely linked to their own self concept of who they are. 

Key Point – Just because the child is so small at this age or not in the room when parents shout and argue it does not mean they do not pick up on a parent’s worries. A child is very in tune to their environment and care givers.