Conflict resolution and anger management support services for parents and teens.

  • Are you struggling to cope with your teen’s anti social/aggressive behaviour?
  • Is the constant arguing causing stress in the home?
  • Are they getting into trouble at school, with the police or other agencies?
  • Have you lost confidence as a parent or carer and need some advice and support?
  • Are you a teen struggling with family, identity and self esteem issues?

Parent999 specialises in supporting and delivering programmes specifically designed for parents and teens.

The programmes, courses and assessments have been developed by Steve Kenny, a former police Sergeant, who also spent 10 years in a residential children’s home. Steve understands the needs and problems that may arise for parents, carers and young people regardless of background.

For the past 8 years Steve has been working with teens in schools and homes as well as supporting parents and carers throughout the North West.

Our interventions work because we know what you need. We don’t just work with young people we support and advise parents and carers with our intervention strategies as well.

Please feel free to contact us for further information and without obligation.


Steve Kenny

LLB (Hons), NLP dip, Dip MASC Associated Stress Consultants, Level 3 Accredited Mediator and Restorative Practitioner, Level 3 Child Advocate and Teenage Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour Mentor.

Steve is a former police officer, having spent many years as a Neighbourhood Sergeant, and he has a wealth of first-hand experience in partnership working. Steve has years of experience in supporting parents and carers with Teenage Anti-Social Behaviour problems.

Amongst some of the skills that Steve can pass on to parents, carers and young people are; leadership, resilience, confidence, team work, motivation, understanding the criminal justice system, conflict resolution and communication skills, and self-worth.


Steve has years of experience helping families with young people at risk of involvement in anti-social behaviour, crime, CSE, county lines, gangs, drugs, and alcohol issues. 

Steve also has experience of Outward Bound Activities and After School Enrichment Programmes and works as a mentor and motivational coach within schools, local communities and family environments.

Steve is also involved with the Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester providing skills workshops and team building events based on the effectiveness of early interventions.

Having spent the first 10 years of his life in Barnardo’s, in a residential children’s home, Steve understands some of the difficulties young people can face.

”Identity is a huge factor for many young people these days, whether at home or at school, and the outcomes from a misguided identity can have a negative impact on the whole community.”

Over the last 8 years Steve has worked in a variety of roles involving mentoring and working with young people in care homes, schools, youth clubs and as a family support worker.

Steve has developed his own Teen Building ® Mentoring Programme which has been designed to challenge young people’s self-beliefs. It also deals with Teenage Anti-Social Behaviour interventions and how to support parents and carers. The Programmes help young people to make better life choices, enabling them to become better citizens.

Steve has managed to forge links with a number of schools in the North West as well as some local Neighbourhood Policing teams.

Steve Rothwell has over 20 years working with young people in a mentoring capacity. He was the Regional Executive Director in London for part of the Probation Service and primarily working with Gangs and “Hard to Reach” young people who needed rehabilitation into society. Since leaving the service he has worked as a mentor for both young people and their families in various capacities. His passions are to ensure young people are heard and given a purpose to keep them free from crime and given all the support needed for them directly and their families. Making good and right choices in today’s society is harder with all the pressures from Social Media and Peers and Steve has a wonderful way of engaging with people who are currently on the wrong path. His many years of experience and his own personal story of growing up in care and the challenges he faced as a teen make him incredibly relatable.

Karen Archibald

Karen has spent 30 years with Greater Manchester Police and has spent much of her service as a Dectective within the Criminal Investigation Department, specialising in Domestic Violence and Child Protection investigations.


Karen has worked on many complex cases involving CSE, Domestic Violence and Sexual Offences and has a wealth of experience in Multi Agency approaches to solving complex cases.