Family relationship support and conflict solution programmes

Our programmes have been designed by Steve Kenny, a former Police Sergeant, who spent much of his childhood in a residential children’s home. Having worked with young people and their families for over 10 years we understand the problems that may arise for parents, carers and young people, regardless of background and we embrace trauma informed practices.

Holistic family well-being and conflict solutions for parents, carers and young people. Now offering packages to schools and organisations

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Personalised programmes

Our interventions work because we understand and learn from your needs. We don’t just offer direct support to young people, we support and advise parents and carers with our intervention strategies too.

Knowledge and experience

Steve is a former police officer, having spent many years as a Neighbourhood Sergeant. He has years of experience in supporting parents and carers with Teenage Anti Social Behaviour problems.

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Valuable life skills

We teach leadership, resilience, confidence, team work, motivation, the criminal justice system, communication skills and self worth.

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Unfortunately many parents and carers suffer in silence when dealing with difficult times in their teenagers life. Naturally they don’t want to get their teenager in trouble especially with the police, or they are worried other agencies might split up the family. 

Parent999 is a confidential service provided by professionals including a former police sergeant who understands the law and how to offer the right support without criminalising your teenager.

Coaching and assessment programme

"When I was introduced to Steve and his brilliant ideas I genuinely could see light at the end of the tunnel. "

Our fully personalised support and coaching programme will provide you with a plan tailored to meet your specific needs.

Develop the skills you need


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